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Inter Guide piloting in the Czech Republic


Courses at Charles University Winter term 2007/08:

SM 628 European Policy towards Ethnic Minorities


Summer term:

SM 629  European Policy towards the Roma

               Lectures  by international guest speakers 

MM 202 Multiculturalism in Europe and NA


Kracow lectures, May 2005

Romani Studies Introduction,  CET Lecture, April 2005

Inter Guide piloting in the Czech Republic

ERRC Seminars on the EU Race Equality Directive December 2004

New:  Globea entered into a partnership with The Oxford Initiative on Community and Migration


Interethnic conflicts, human rights violation, intolerance, nationalism and racism are, together with low eco-environmental awareness, main threats to stability of the present world. Globalisation and growing multiculturalism in nation state societies bring these issues to the attention of many policy makers as well as ordinary people. Teachers may play a very progressive role in the process of combating intolerance and racism and can articulate the bottom-up policies for social change. Teachers organised into an international network can use this space for exchange of information, experience and as well as for lobbying at higher levels of policy making.

This web site will provide space to link similar programmes and projects that are run by schools, universities, NGOs, and other organisations. The Site aims to provide information on and links to all projects, initiatives, organisations, and list-servers involved in Education for Tolerance and Human Rights in the Czech Republic, and gradually also in the Central and Easter Europe, as well as the rest of the World.

November 1999